Socializing is very important to us at AEGEE-Nijmegen. That is why we have fun activities every week for all our members, and sometimes even for external people, so that we can see each other regularly. For example, we can be found every week at our social drink at the Villa van Schaeck! We also have other varying weekly activities, such as laser tag, painting, eating together and much more!


As an international student association, we love to travel! That’s why we organise multiple fun trips and hitchhiking competitions each year. In the past few years we visited Sarajevo, Manchester, Hamburg, Saint-Petersburg and many more great destinations. We also organise several exchanges each year with other associations in our network. This way we keep in touch with the rest of Europe.

European Network

AEGEE is the largest student association in Europe. AEGEE has a network of 13000+ members spread across 200 cities in 40 European countries. As an AEGEE member you can always join activities all over Europe. A congress in Germany, a skiing trip in Slovenia, or a dance festival in Serbia. With AEGEE you can discover Europe in your own way!