We do not only organize activities within our beautiful city:AEGEE-Nijmegen will take you all over Europe! We do this in different ways:


We have been on trips to various European cities, such as Zadar, Skopje and Marseille. We usually leave on a Thursday or Friday and come back on Sunday or Monday; these trips are cheap and above all, a lot of fun!


Have you ever thought about hitchhiking to your destination? It is not only a sustainable way of traveling, but also an opportunity to have amazing experiences! That is why AEGEE-Nijmegen regularly organizes hitchhiking competitions within and outside of the Netherlands, in which you try to be the first to reach the destination in pairs. We hitchhiked to Hamburg, Prague, and a lot of other cities.


Would you like to meet people from other AEGEE locals in addition to traveling? Then you can join us on Exchange! We regularly visit and receive members of other AEGEE locals, such as AEGEE-Saint Petersburg, AEGEE-Heidelberg and AEGEE-Napoli. Together with them we go on a journey through their or our city, we learn from each other’s cultures and have a lot of fun experiences together.


Do you want to get to know even more international AEGEEans or follow various workshops abroad together? AEGEE-Europe offers an amazing opportunity! Can you not get enough of all the traveling during your holiday? Travel with AEGEE at one of the manySummer Universities!